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Joe Biden is the human avatar of a Golden Retriever. Once you understand that, Biden shaking MBS’ hand makes more sense.

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And the rich are his benevolent master.

Good boy! Roll over!

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Vote Blue no matter who!

Just remember, the Republican policies of today will be embraced by the Democrats tomorrow.

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Sep 11, 2023·edited Sep 11, 2023

Somebody wrote a comment which has been deleted, but I'd like to respond:

"Thats ahistorical and dumb."

Especially since it's such a well supported argument.

In no particular order:

Bill Clinton passed NAFTA, GATT, etc that Bush couldn't.

Obama continued the Paulson bailouts giving the 2008 crash villains free money instead of jail time.

The only people who went to jail over torture in the Obama era were the journalists who blew the whistle.

Obama continued and escalated the drone strike program, even after massive civilian casualties.

Biden kept Trump's fed guy. Didn't roll back Trump tax cuts. Is continuing Trump's border policies.

So, if you mean, "ahistorical" meaning that other people who were not in government now, I agree. The Democratic in office right now are particularly odious, and I grew up in a time when they weren't such obviously craven sellouts.

People should have known what was up when noted sex pest and abusive workplace champion Bill Clinton gave a glowing eulogy for Richard Nixon.

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This is FALSE.

Biden is in Alaska, commemorating 9/11.

His schedule is public.


Stop lying.

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What Biden’s doing far from a commemoration as he is in Alaska and not at any site that is representative of 9/11... not even close. Biden’s stop in Alaska is strictly for show. Alaska is the closest state from Hanoi (path of flight) and he arrives late afternoon. If he were to fly into NYC, DC or even Boston, it would be too late and no audience (due to lateness not because of lack of popularity). When commemorating The Battle of Gettysburg, one does not perform that function in Pensacola Florida.

So why would anyone consider what he doing any different?

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