Small quibble, but I don't think it's necessary to abide by the so-called mainstream media's insistence on describing every resistance group in the ME as "Iran-backed" - mainly because the level and type of "backing" differs greatly among them, but also because the MSM hammers that crap in every article, verbatim - like it's a diktat that comes down from the CIA or something. Kinda like the "UNPROVOKED" and "FULL-SCALE" invasion of Ukraine.

That said, thanks for the article. Being just slightly 'conspiracy' minded, I can't help but think that this has the underpinnings of a 'false flag' - a way to make sure American soldiers end up in harm's way to possibly "justify" a future direct US military intervention in the war that it's starting to look like Israel is losing.

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"U.S. special operations forces also stage from Jordan in their anti-ISIS campaign,"

What is the status of the anti-ISIS campaign? My impression was that ISIS in Syria and Iraq was pretty much eliminated and the biggest remaining issue was repatriation of foreign nationals (including US citizens) who had signed up to fight with ISIS.

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Host Genital Sensitivities is what the State Department should call Hunter’s Hog. I want Matthew Miller to answer questions about Host Genital Situations every day until he resigns.

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Thank you. The newly passed House Bill automates the draft for the select service (military) with some wanting to include women. Biden and many in Congress continue to expand US military operations across the globe—now this. Super scary stuff! Obama was supposedly anti-war, but then Syria. Trump is said to not have started any new wars. Biden seems to be bungling everywhere.

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"But since Jordan is one of the top recipients of U.S. military and economic assistance, and U.S. service members are starting to be killed, the American people are owed an explanation for why troops are being deployed there."

The pier in Gaza keeps sinking?

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Speaking of which:

"U.S. Pier for Gaza Aid Is Failing, and Could Be Dismantled Early

Officials hope a looming deadline will pressure Israel to open more land routes into the territory, which is facing extreme levels of hunger.

By Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt

Reporting from Washington

June 18, 2024, 1:46 p.m. ET"


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Thank you -- US foreign policy in few minutes:

Risky Business (w/ Jeffery Sachs) – Jun 13, 2024 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzma8TvAl4s


Former US Diplomat ADMITS Western Plan to SABOTAGE China – Jun 17, 2024


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When transparency becomes euphemistically cloudy that is when something is afoot.

Ken, thanks for providing what the DOD isn’t!

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American involvement in the Middle East is always more complicated than I think, and this article provides new wrinkles I wasn't aware of. I knew Jordan has taken in millions of refugees from various places, but not how many Palestinians - 2 million - stunning! I appreciate your reporting so much!

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looks like cento II is well and alive. this too shall pass.

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